#52Ancestors – Week One: First

When I first started blogging about my research last spring (after years of meaning-to-but-not-doing-it), I casually made a couple of #52Ancestors posts, but something about not having started the challenge the first week made it harder for me to commit.

And then I went to Missouri & Illinois on a long-ish vacation.

And after we came home, I got a phone interview for a job.

And then a video interview.

And then a job offer. Which I took.

And then I spent the summer getting ready to move to Salt Lake City (on top of starting ProGen Study Group and taking a DNA course through the University of Strathclyde).

And then I moved, and spent the fall settling into a new job in a new city in a new state while living in temporary housing.

And then I spent December settling into our new permanent apartmentĀ and heading back to California for the holidays.

Let’s just say it’s been A Year.

(It’s probably a good thing I didn’t try to pile SLIG on top of it all, although I very nearly did because I don’t know what’s good for me.)

At any rate, blogging was a plate I had to put down to keep the others spinning in the air.

But now: I’m (mostly) done moving. I’m getting into a good groove at my new job, although it still doesn’t feel real that I nabbed the job I pipe-dreamed about for nearly twenty years.

The apartment is almost put together. We have internet. And a new couch! I’ve managed to carve out space for a cute little home office (obviously I’ll need to make a “look at my home office!” post at some point, but my files still need a permanent home…).

Finding the time to blog when life comes at you as fast as it came at me in 2018 can be pretty difficult, but getting back into it takes just one post.

So, this is theĀ first post of the year. See y’all next week.