A Small Boy and His Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather

Why, yes, I do have the next installment of The Cleveland Gordian Knot in my drafts awaiting citations, but I’m currently on the road with my family. This week, we’re in Missouri. I took my Husband and my Tiny Guy (neither of whom have ever been to Missouri before) out to a little cemetery in Collins to see the graves of their ancestors, Jonathan D. and Arrena Matthews Browning.

Boy + J.D. Browning
My little Boy at the (sadly broken) grave of his 5x-great grandfather, J.D. Browning. (Freeman-Holsapple Cemetery, Collins, Missouri.)

Neither my husband nor my small Boy have any close family in Missouri anymore, but my sister moved out here last year, about an hour away from J.D. and Arrena’s final resting place.

Talk about genealogical fate, right?

(Go figure, Arrena Matthews Browning plays a role in the post I have planned for #52Ancestors, “The Old Homestead,” but as with all things non-vacation, it’ll just have to wait a bit).

We’re off to St. Louis and Chicago next!


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